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We want to take a moment to express that we have been deeply impacted by the humanitarian crisis that we are seeing in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico and areas of Florida and Texas.  It is our desire to impact in a positive way by doing what we can to aid those areas hit hard by the recent hurricanes. Please join us in helping in whatever capacity you are able to provide. Much needed support and life saving assistance can be brought about by donating even a small amount to the effort.  We encourage you to help and give thanks for our blessings and ability to assist.  
  • If you would like to donate directly to a specific agency instead of taking advantage our FREE seed offer benefiting those in need, (see product description for details HERE) you can do so at www.helpmedonate.org. 



More Information about MY YARD FARM. 

Agricultural Business Models for Communities, Companies and Consumers:

My Yard Farm provides services for: Design, Build, Management, Sales of agricultural projects.

Company Profile

Leading the Local Food Movement in Central Florida — and beyond — since 2006!
Sustainable Agricultural Business Models for Communities, Companies and Consumers:

My Yard Farm is vertically integrated to provide services from the seed-to-source including: Design, Development, Build, Management, Sales & Marketing and Distribution of Vertically Integrated agricultural projects and programs.


  • Hyper-local, beyond organic produce (including Microgreen superfoods), green / grass-fed meats, free-range poultry and other specialty foods to Communities, Companies and Consumers
  • Local, organic plants, trees, shrubs and compost

Direct link to our My Yard Farm’s Culinary Product Offerings (Here).
Direct link to our My Food Box Program (Here).

Objective and Approach:

Provide a project plan and implementation for a multifaceted approach for the utilization of the land or dedicated structure’s natural resources, while maintaining the highest integrity in preservation, form, function and productivity.

Our proprietary approach and methodology is to provide and position Communities / Cities / Companies / Consumers to:

  1. Utilize a permaculture system of farming
  2. Utilize controlled environment agriculture
  3. Provide the best utilization of the dedicated land
  4. Educational and curriculum opportunities
  5. Community involvement and recreation
  6. Products and Services for a retail and distribution network
  7. Highly marketable presence on a local, regional and national level

My Yard Farm’s proprietary operational agricultural plans include:

  1. Controlled environment greenhouse production
  2. Permaculture closed-loop systems
  3. Biodynamic principals
  4. Topsoil creation
  5. Carbon sequestration
  6. Long-term soil fertility building
  7. Rainwater capture and distribution
  8. Increased production over time duration
  9. Multi-layer production
    10. Food foresting
    11. Alley cropping
    12. Sheltered annual production
    13. Chicken tractors
    14. Chicken tunnels (implemented under select fruit trees)
    15. Nutrient capture and cycling
    16. Composting of organic waste from farm store, nearby restaurants, institutions and city collected compostable material
    17. Capturing hard-surface runoff, biologically filtering via constructed wetland

Direct link to our Commercial Edible Landscape Gardens (Here).
Direct link to our Residential Edible Landscape Gardens (Here).

For more information contact us at:
Phone: 407-484-9101
Email: henry@myyardfarm.com