Welcome to our products store! We appreciate your loving LOCAL FOOD! We're so glad you're here!

We've been distributing local food to the best Restaurants and Resorts in Central Florida for a few years now.  We've always wanted to distribute direct to the general public, and make more accessible the amazing products that are being produced in our very own back yard.  There's wonderful local farmers, family farms and ethical producers of food product that need to be supported by the public and our purchasing power.  There's everyday folks who crave this product.  We hope to bring the public and the farmers closer together.   We've SO EXCITED to begin providing this service to public.  We know its wanted and needed.  Give us a try, and please give us your feedback.  We can't be the best we can be without your feedback.  It's you who we service, so please help us by keeping in contact!  Tell us how we can make the myfoodboxes experience better!